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Our Stories: First Peoples in Canada

Our Stories: First Peoples in Canada

Free eTextbook (OER Open Education Resource)

Illustrated picture of an Indigenous woman and child

Cover Art by Chief Lady Bird and Aura

澳门基尼斯人led by a diverse team of indigenous and non-indigenous creators, our stories: first peoples in canada is a unique multi-media resource developed with indigenous peoples from across canada. eliciting an unsettling of western authority, this free etextbook encourages recognition that moves beyond a colonial lens.

this dynamic text allows the reader to engage with indigenous histories, culture, and knowledge in a unique format that includes videos, podcasts, interactive tools, and more. our stories: first peoples in canada includes:

  • Contemporary and historic information and media
  • A balance of sources about injustice and resistance
  • Reflects both urban and remote Indigenous perspectives in Canada
  • Includes oral stories about the lived experiences of Indigenous community members

answering the truth and reconciliation of canada’s calls to action, the team developed our stories: first peoples in canada through a decolonizing lens. the materials present a balance of historical and contemporary materials that value indigenous perspectives.

(OER) are learning materials that are available in multiple formats on various platforms for free. OERs allow users to access learning materials and assessment tools at no cost. OERs use . Depending on the type of license, users can re-mix, improve, and redistribute OER materials. The Our Stories: First Peoples in Canada etextbook is an OER with a CC BY-NC-ND Attribution-Non Commercial-NoDervs license. This means you are welcome to download and redistribute the book as much as you’d like. However, you are not permitted to add, re-mix, or use for commercial purposes without Centennial’s permission. If you would like to re-mix or see improvements for the textbook please email us at OurStories@leelanaublog.com

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