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Toronto, ON, M1K 5E9




The Institute brings together experts and stakeholders representing all sectors who form an integrated network of learning and collaborations. It will be driven by the adaptive changing澳门基尼斯人 needs of the industry and community both locally and globally; fostering leadership, building internal and external capacity and capabilities in emergency management, public health and safety, enhancing organizational and community engagement and resilience.

澳门基尼斯人threats and risks to canada and to canadians are becoming increasingly complex and can escalate quickly in scope and severity, resulting in the need for organizations in all sectors and communities to be prepared and resilient.  these new and emerging needs have heightened the recognition of and demand for professionals with academic credentials.

EMPSI will be the leading edge of a new flexible and integrated Educational Innovative Initiatives澳门基尼斯人 to prepare leaders for success.  The Institute is committed to education, through the development and offerings of many programs and pathways that includes:

  • Certificate
  • Professional Development
  • Simulations
  • Applied Research

Mission Statement

澳门基尼斯人providing leading edge integrated educational curriculum to prepare future leaders in community and organizational resilience.

Vision Statement

澳门基尼斯人inspiring leadership through strategic integrated networks of learning.

Core Values


  • Engagement
  • Opportunities   
  • Success

Capacity Enhancement

  • Innovation and Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Research Initiatives
  • Scholarship


  • Knowledge Building
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Collaboration
  • Recognition and Influence


  • Leadership
  • Preparedness
  • Resilience
  • Sustainability