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Centennial College Retirees' Association

Centennial College Retirees' Association

The Centennial College Retirees' Association (CCRA) was established in 2002, to support and advance the interests of Centennial College retirees. The CCRA is comprised of retired faculty, administrative, and support staff of the College and is supported by a volunteer Board who represent the interests of retirees. The President's Office and the Board of Governors provide valuable and appreciated assistance to the CCRA.

The CCRA provides its members with fellowship, keeps them informed of matters concerning Centennial College retirees, responds to members' concerns and promotes an ongoing and sustained relationship with the College, its activities and accomplishments.  CCRA members support the ongoing advocacy of retirees through membership in the Ontario Colleges Retirees’ Association (OCRA).

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Here are other ways to connect with CCRA:

Email: ccra.board.
Tel: (416) 289-5291
澳门基尼斯人 Fax: (416) 289-5352